Whistle Blowing

The Company realises the significance of compliance with the good corporate governance principles, the Company thus provides channels for all stakeholders to report or complain about unlawful activities or those in violation of the law, rules, regulations, or corporate governance principles including incorrect financial reports or defective internal control systems of the Company to the Audit Committee. The details of whistle-blowing or complaints should be factual in nature and contain as much specific information as possible to allow for proper assessment and investigation. The whistle-blower or the complainant may choose not to reveal his/her name and/or contact information, but the disclosure of such information would enable the Company to ask for more information, clarify the facts, report on the progress, and resolve the problems in a more convenient and shorter time. The information of whistle-blower or the complainant will be kept confidential and the Company may not disclose such information except as received the consent or required to disclose by applicable law or order of government authority or relevant regulators.

Chairman of the Audit Committee, Director, Executive or Company Secretary
WICE Logistics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
88/8 Nonsee Road, Chong-Nonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
E-mail: banomyong.ruth@gmail.com, araya@wice.co.th, secretary2@wice.co.th
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